For NORA approved trade associations to request payment to contractors or other service providers for approved projects that benefit the oilheating industry, please completely fill out and submit this form.

NOTE…you can now include up to three projects with each submitted request as long as the payment is to one party (vendor or association).

For a list of approved NORA projects and codes, see bottom of this page.

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You may enter up to three projects as long as the payment will
be made to a single recipient (either the vendor or Association).

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This is for an oil efficiency and upgrade program
and I certify that to the maximum extent practicable,
I have coordinated, developed and implemented
this project with the state energy efficiency administrator.

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NORA Approved Projects and Codes

Consumer Education
Radio Spots  6114-1
Radio Spots Production   6114-2
Television Spots  6114-3
Television Spots Production  6114-4
Billboards  6114-5
Billboard Production  6114-6
Print Ads 6114-7
Newsletter  6114-8
Internet/Website 6114-9
Consumer Understanding 6114-15

Education and Training
Real Estate Education Program  6114-9
Education Program, Silver Certification 6114-10
Education Program, Bronze Certification 6114-11
Education Program, Gold Certification 6114-12
Tank Education Program  6114-13
Professional Education 6114-14

Research Development and Demonstration
Lab Research on Fuels  6214-1
Lab Research on Equipment   6214-2
Company Equipment Development  6214-3
Biofuels Research  6214-4
Biofuels Research Report, Statutory  6214-5
Developing Biofuels Educational Materials   6214-6
Facilitating and Transitioning Energy Efficient Equipment   6214-7

Energy Efficiency
Planning Energy Efficiency Program  8814-1
Energy Efficiency and Safety Equipment  8814-2
Energy Efficiency Training  8814-3
Energy Efficiency Outreach  8814-4
Data Collection Process (equipment, service, & safety issues)  8814-5

For further information about approved programs and codes contact
John Huber at or 703.340.1660