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Welcome to NORA’s Education Center Website, Learning.NORAweb.org, where you will find:

  • Your NORA Technician Certification status
  • Your current CEU count towards re-certification
  • Online video courses to earn CEUs
  • Descriptions of the NORA Certification Levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold
  • Other education resources

Tech Tip…

Before getting involved with in-depth trouble-shooting, check these:

  • Are all switches on?
  • Is the fuse blown or circuit breaker tripped?
  • Is the thermostat set above the room temp.?
  • Is there oil in the tank?
  • Is the blower door closed? (There is a switch on many blower doors that prevent the system from operating if the door is open)
  • Is there enough water in the steam or hot water system?
  • Are the air filters clean?