Fuel Savings Analysis Calculator

Latest Release…

One of NORA’s most useful and helpful tools, the Fuel Savings Analysis Calculator is currently is now available is Version 2.1. The new and improved FSA Calculator 2.1 will provide a number of never-before-seen features, as well as powerful and streamlined enhancements to the existing platform.

  • Cloud Based. Can Be Accessed on any Internet Enabled Device
  • Responsive Design Auto Scales to Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone
  • Mobile Friendly Interface for Improved Use in the Field
  • Users Set Up Individual Password-Protected Accounts
  • Choose from Four Existing Equipment Presets and Six New Equipment Presets
  • Users Can Modify and Save any Equipment Presets
  • Simple Mode for Consumers and Laymen
  • Advanced Mode for Skilled Technicians
  • Expanded Location/Temperature Data
  • Consumers See Multiple Upgrade Options at 5, 15 & 20 Year ROI
  • Results and Recommendations Can Be Saved and Shared

New in FSA Calculator 2.1

Basic Mode:

Added 4 Steam Boilers:
Steam Boiler: Pre-1965 Excluding Conversions w/Tankless Coil
Steam Boiler: 1965-1979 Cast Iron Pin Boiler w/Tankless Coil
Steam Boiler: 1980-2000 Cast Iron Pin Boiler w/Tankless Coil
Steam Boiler: Builder Grade Steel Boiler w/ Tankless Coil

Added 1 Furnace
Air Furnace (pre-1990)

Added ability to create simple equipment types
Steam Boiler

Advance Mode

Added Furnace / Boiler Equipment Type
Furnace – You can select the Estimated Efficiency Rating

Comparison Report

Added Manufactured Equipment
Furnace: 87% Efficiency
Steam Boiler : AFUE 85%

Added ability to create advance manufactured furnace equipment