NORA Certificaton and CEU course upload

Please use the following form to submit all NORA certified Silver/Bronze/Tank certification courses as well as all CEU classes.

For CEU Courses

  • The uploaded roster must use the NORA Roster spreadsheet. Hand written rosters will not be accepted. 

    Click to download blank NORA Roster Spreadsheet

    This blank was updated on 7/25/17.  If you have an older version saved on your computer, please replace it with this one.

  • Each student must have an individual email address. Without an email address, the student may not receive credit.
  • Each student must have a NORA Tech ID (last four digits of Social Security number followed be first four letters of last name, i.e. 0000smit. If last name has less than four letters, use the entire last name, i.e. 000chu.

For Silver/Bronze/Tank Certifications

  • A simple roster including student’s first and last name must be uploaded (Excel format)
  • A Scranton sheet must be completed, in its entirety, for all students. This records the student information and test answers. An individual email address must be filled-out for each student. Without an email address, the student may not receive credit.
  • These must be submitted to NORA, by mail, within 72 hours of the actual course and testing. Submit to: Traci Ross, NORA, 600 Cameron Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.


Submissions are due within 72 hours from the completion of the course.
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Upload your roster here. For CEU classes, the roster must be the NORA roster spreadsheet and must include email addresses of students, TechID, and course information. For Silver or Bronze Certification classes, the roster must include students' first and last names.*