NORA has worked with industry, manufacturers, the U.S. DOE, state research organizations such as NYSERDA and international research organizations. NORA’s research and development efforts during the 2001– 2008 time frame have resulted in the development of advanced energy-efficient products, components and application knowledge.

Ongoing research and development work will expand fuel performance, add critical new appliances, broaden applications and deliver real consumer value. This work will reduce our dependence on foreign energy resources, lower carbon emissions and secure domestic jobs.

The following is a partial list of accomplishments resulting from NORA R&D, including ongoing projects:

  • Advanced and Integrated Appliances
  • Ultra high efficiency condensing boilers, 93%+ efficient
  • Ultra high efficiency condensing furnaces, 90%+ efficient
  • Combination heating and cooling units
  • Compact water heater with AHRI’s highest efficiency rating
  • High efficiency combination heat and hot water system

Advanced and Integrated Controls

  • Optimized system operation, efficiencies, and reliability

Fuels Research and Development

  • Bioheat® —Renewable, clean, sustainable biofuel for heating applications
  • Advanced synthetic coal-to-liquid fuels for oil-fired burners

Combustion Research and Development

  • Two-stage oilburner for energy efficiency which operates minimal electricity
  • High-Low oilburner with a 50% turn-down rate to optimize appliance efficiency

These efforts have improved residential oilheat efficiency by 30% saving homeowners hundreds of dollars per year. This also represents a “voluntary” reduction of CO2 emissions of 30 million tons per year.