NORA Technician Certification Program


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NORA offers three levels of certification – Bronze, Silver and Gold

1. Bronze Certification is designed for those wishing to learn the fundamental skills required to become a Service Technician. This certification is the first step toward a rewarding career as an Oilheat Service Technician.  more about Bronze

To upgrade from Bronze to Silver…
Required:  20 NORA CEUs and three years of in-field experience.  Check your account here.

2. Silver Certification is designed to recognize those technicians who demonstrate technical competence. To earn Silver Certification, the technician must have a minimum of three year service experience and pass a comprehensive exam.  The exam is based on the  Oilheat Technicians Manual  which can be purchased the at the NORA store in both print and online versions. More about Silver

To renew Silver…
Required: 24 NORA CEUs.  Check your account here.

3. Gold Certification is designed to enable technicians to move beyond basic installation and repair and achieve the highest certification available in the Oilheat industry.

To achieve Gold status, Technicians are required to have a NORA Silver certification, a minimum of five years experience working on Oilheat systems and to complete of a minimum of four Advanced Training modules . more about Gold

To renew Gold…
Required: 24 NORA CEUs. Check your account here.

There are two ways to earn CEUs:

  • Watching NORA’s Training Videos then taking an online quizzes at
  • Attending NORA approved Classes or Seminars