Gold Certification

The Gold Certification is for technicians to move beyond basic installation and repair as well as provide systems analysis of the house, advise customers on equipment needs and diagnose home comfort problems, as well as provide efficiency recommendations.

The program has eight modules of advanced training: Advanced Air Flow, Advanced Hydronics, Advanced Efficiency, Advanced Venting, Advanced Controls, Oil Tank Installation & Maintenance and BPI’s program Building Science Principles Reference Guide.

To achieve Gold status,Technicians are required to have a NORA Silver certification and an additional two years of experience working on oil burners beyond the three years required for Silver. Technicians must attend any four of the eight module classes and pass the test for each of the four.

An accompanying training manual for each has been published and can be purchased as part of the certification program or as a stand-alone self-learning guide.

The manuals are available for purchase at the NORA Store.

All certified technicians (Gold/Silver/Bronze) may use the any Gold modules for CEUs can credit them towards their rectification. Each module carries six CEUs.

Gold certification will remain in effect until 5 years from the end of the year they passed the Gold Test and 24 NORA CEU’s mus be earned during the 5-year period for renewal.