NORA Silver or Bronze Exam Request

NORA highly recommends that certification exams be taken online. Doing so offers the convenience of instant grading and certification. With the paper version, a wait of approximately 3-weeks is required to learn the results. Additionally, for the exam giver, there is no waiting for exams to arrive and no need to send the ungraded exams back to NORA. For more information on online exams email

Paper exams: PDF files of the paper test and answer sheets will be sent to you for printing along with additional instructions. Test givers will print the test and answer sheets according to the instructions that accompany the exam.
Pre-printed paper exams are available upon request.

During the exam the proctor must:
  • Maintain Security – unused books remain closed, materials are always in the test administrator’s possession, materials are never to be left alone
  • Ensure Room Conditions are Appropriate
  • Make Sure Materials are Appropriately Distributed
  • Monitor Students – DO NOT explain or assist with any test items in any way
  • Ensure Accommodations are Provided Appropriately – discuss procedures with test administrator  before testing
  • Report ALL Testing Irregularities –report to NORA any regularities you observe to
  • Maintain Student Confidentiality – any information gained as a result of serving as a proctor in  this capacity is considered confidential

To request either the NORA Bronze or Silver exam in paper format. Click here.

To find out about offering the exams online, contact NORA at

 Dispose of any tests you printed, NORA will be changing tests regularly and returning answer sheets to tests that were not authorized and distributed by NORA will result in failures.

Scan and email to Make sure to make  the subject,” NORA Test Answers” . Include test date, school and proctor’s name.

Mail hard copies to: NORA, 600 Cameron Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. Include test date, school and proctor’s name. (NORA suggests you keep a copy on hand until the tests are graded)

The paper version of the NORA exams may take up to 3-weeks to grade and be posted.

Each student must have an account at prior to taking the exam. The account is free and requires a name, email address and a NORA Tech ID.

 The Tech ID is simply the last four digits of the students Social Security number followed by the first four letters of their last name. (i.e. 3454smit). If no account is found by NORA at the time of grading, that student may not receive a grade. Please emphasize this with your students.

This account will be the students permanent record with NORA showing current and lapsed certifications, a learning history, CEUs credited towards their certification renewal and online courses for continuing education.