The Future of Liquid Fuel Heating

October 25, 2022 Windsor Locks, CT

The National Oil Heat Research Alliance and Clean Fuels Alliance America, with funding from the Nebraska Soybean Board, held The Future of Liquid Fuel Heating, a one-day seminar and workshop focused on the advancement and general adoption of zero-carbon liquid heating fuels to meet GHG reduction goals. This is essential as both Federal and State governments require eliminating GHG emissions from the heating sector. Using these fuels, heating appliances manufacturers will be in the position to continue providing safe, efficient, effective and environmentally responsible products to homeowners.

Topics Covered

  • New tax incentives (Inflation Reduction ACT, 2022) for liquid fuel appliances using increasing renewable biofuel blends and operating at increasingly higher efficiencies (B50 and 90% AFUE by 2027)
  • External challenges coming from state and federal government agencies and within the building codes
  • Materials compatibility studies
  • Field studies with increasing blends of biodiesel
  • Heating with biodiesel’s impact on immediate and ongoing GHG reductions
  • Biodiesel blends combustion & storage characteristics
  • Integrating low-carbon liquid fuels with heat pumps and generators
  • Renewable diesel properties, research status and potential for the market
  • Creating a ZERO-Carbon home with 100% biodiesel and solar panels
  • Potential barriers and solutions for achieving 100% renewable liquid fuel use
  • UL, CFAA and ASTM updates
  • Open discussion/problem-solving workshop with the Oilheat Manufacturers Association