NORA R&D Gallery of Products

High Efficency Heat & Hot Water Tankless Coil Alternative: Energy Kinetics

The Ascent Combi is an energy efficient boiler that combines heat and hot water in one boiler with hot water as the priority. Where traditional cast iron and steel boilers allow heat to drift out the chimney and energy wasting draft regulators, the Ascent Combi combines heavy insulation with an energy efficient spiral design to trap heat in the unit, reducing energy use and cutting fuel bills. In addition, it is designed to be extremely quiet. The Ascent Combi also saves energy with its Smart Controls. Its hot water system is easily programmed and offers several options. The first option makes hot water instantly available 24/7. The second one quickly preheats water on demand. The third option offers two smart learning modes which monitor usage and create an energy efficient schedule based on past needs.

Condensing Oil-Furnace: Thermo Pride

Thermo Products has developed a 95% AFUE oil condensing furnace that is Energy Star qualified and can match the AFUE ratings of gas furnaces.The OHC95 has a firing rate of 75,000 Btuh with up to 4 tons of A/C capacity. This furnace uses industry standard components such as the Riello BF3 Burner. Standard ECM blower motor offers additional energy savings.

Condensing Oil Fired Warm Air Furnace: Kerr/Granby

The general design concept relies on a high boy design with the primary heat exchanger above the secondary heat exchanger. An electronically commutated motor (ECM) will be used for the blower.

Space Saving 20 Gallon Water Heater: Bock

Bock has had a very positive response to the 20 gallon Space SavrTM unit which serves to meet a wide range of niche situations where a small, responsive capacity has made the unit commercially available. • Compact Size- 38” High x 20” Diameter • Big Delivery- 84g 1st Hr. Delivery / 20g Storage • Efficient- Highest GAMA Rating

Two stage Oil Fired Furnace: Thermo Products

Fuel savings by running on low-fire most of the time, but on extremely cold days the burner will run on high-fire automatically. The ECM blower provides additional electrical efficiency. Technician merely moves a pin and adjusts it for low fire as with a traditional burner, then moves the pin again and sets it up for high fire. Lastly, move the pin to the third setting to run. The burner will then switch from low to high fire automatically as needed. The burner is also mounted on a double hinge making it easy to service as needed. Up to 87.3% AFUE • High-Efficiency 2-Stage Riello Oil Burner • Easy Contractor Setup • Provides consumers with oil option for higher efficiency & reduced noise

Two-Stage & Modulating Oil Burners for Wall-Hung Market: Heat Wise

The burner housing for both residential two stage and modulating burner is the LW-80 chassis. This burner is currently manufactured by Heat Wise as a low power burner, consuming only 80 watts of running power. Heat Wise is nearly finished with design configurations and is testing different head/ tube combinations. Once the design is complete, prototype building and testing will begin in quick order. • Cost effective alternatives to Natural Gas and LP products. • The Fully Modulating Oil Burner will compete directly with wall hung gas boilers as an oil-fired product. • The Two-stage Burner will offer increases to efficiency to existing oil-fired equipment at low cost. • Both designs will fire both fuel oil and Biodiesel blends

Outdoor Combined Heating and Cooling: Thermo Products

The OPD Thermopack™ combination heating and air conditioning unit is engineered to provide year-round comfort for your customer’s home. This high-efficiency system starts paying for itself with easy outdoor installation, an energy-saving ECM blower motor, 13-14 SEER air conditioning and significant fuel savings over older heating and air conditioning units. Since all mechanical functions and the combustion process are outdoors, its operation is remarkably quiet. • Infinite speed ECM blower motor for energy savings and more comfortable, quiet home. • Easy service and installation as entire unit is outdoors • Can be installed on ground level or rooftop.

Oil Condensing Boiler: Peerless Boiler/PB Heat

The Pinnacle Oil boiler is a direct vent, sealed combustion boiler and is 93%+ efficient*, earning it the ENERGY STAR® rating. The boiler is equipped with a Beckett AFG burner fueled with standard commercial grade #2 fuel oil and operates at two firing rates with inputs of 70,000 and 84,000 BTU/HR respectively. The ASME-rated heat exchanger is constructed with high alloy stainless steel that assures the boiler’s durability and protects it from corrosion.The Pinnacle Oil boiler offers many control features including multiple temperature set points for both heating and domestic hot water and, with the addition of an outdoor sensor the boiler is fully capable of outdoor reset operation. Standard equipment includes an LCD display for viewing test and diagnostic functions, along with a pressure/temperature gauge and 30 PSI safety relief valve. The Pinnacle Oil boiler is certified for ‘zero clearance to combustibles’ and, with its slim, space saving design and low vent outlet is easy to install in virtually any application. A reversible swing door and top access to burner and internal components allows for quick and easy service and maintenance. An insulated acoustic shroud and boiler jacket promotes quiet operation and reduces heat loss. .

Efficiency Expert Condensing Furnace: Adams

Stainless steel heat exchanger with molded pyro-ceramic combustion chamber designed to heat instantly on fire-up 50,000 through 250,000 BTU, 2.5 through 10 tons cooling, 35% more heat with matching fuel savings. • Completely assembled, factory tested furnace, for heating or combination heating/cooling application. • For utility room, closet, alcove, basement or attic application. Lowboy,Upflow, Counterflow & Horizontal models available. • The Efficiency Expert was first of its kind on the market to earn ground breaking AFUE rating. It has paved the wave to recent products and help shape Today’s Industry