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John Huber

NORA stands for The National Oilheat Research Alliance, it was authorized by Congress in 2000 to provide funding that would allow the oilheating industry to provide more efficient and more reliable heat and hot water to the American Consumers. As a government sanctioned “check-off” program, $0.002 is collected at the wholesale level on every gallon of heating oil sold. While it is mandatory, the benefits greatly outweigh the minimal cost.

The four key arms of NORA are  Professional Education, Energy Efficiency & Safety, and Research.

Professional education, through the Technician Certification Program, provides continuing education, training and certification for oilheat service technicians. Lastly, NORA funding has helped a number of manufacturers to develop highly efficient heating equipment, such as condensing boilers and furnaces, variable speed furnaces, variable burners and number of other technologically advanced, highly efficient products.

Additionally, improving the basic fuel has been one of NORA’s highest priorities and has resulted in Bioheat® fuel…clean, environmentally friendly, American grown.

NORA also funds a number of projects at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Brookhaven National Laboratory researches new heating methods and fuels as well as addresses tank and storage issues, delivery and fuel quality.

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John Huber

Dr. Thomas Butcher
Director of NORA Laboratory

Neehad Islam
Research Engineer

Ryan Kerr
Research Engineer

Richard Sweetser
Research & Development

Bob Hedden
Education & Training

John Levey
Education & Training

Don Farrell
Communications & Online Training

NORA Board of Directors

Rick Bologna
Westmore Fuel

Greg Anderson
Anderson Farm

Justin Andress
Woodfin Oil

Peter Aziz
Bantam Fuel

Al Breda
Sippin Energy

Jay Buehler
Jacobus Energy

Peter Buotte
CEC Fuel

Greg Childs
Main Care Energy

Kate Childs
Tuxis-Ohrs Fuel

Steve Clark
Genesee Fuel & Heating

John Combs
Southern Maryland Oil

Kevin Conti
Conti Oil

Christopher Daly
Suburban Propane, L.P.

Kirk Darby
Huguenot Fuels

Eric Degesero
Fuel Merchants Association of NJ

Mike Estes
Estes Oil & Propane

Larry Galgoci
Galgoci Oil Company

Scott Hacker
Woodford Oil Company

Susan Hammond
J.W. Pierson

Allison Heaney
Energy Conservation Group LLC

Michael Januario
Sunshine Oil Co.

Quincy Longacre
Buckeye Energy Services, LLC.

Roger Marran
Energy Kinetics, Inc

Steve McCracken

John McCusker
Global Petroleum

Matt Meehan
Mirabito Energy Products

George McQueeney
East River Fuels

John Miles
Putnam Fuel

Charles Miller
Miller Oil Co.

Natalie Mondsini
Hilltop Fuel

Ted Noonan
Noonan Energy Corp

Joe Phillips
Creedmoor Fuel Service

Ken Russ
Tri Gas and Oil Company

Stephen Sack
Sack Distributors, Corp.

Tom Santa
Santa Energy

Susan Santopietro
Baribalut Oil Co.

Ed Scott

Daniel Singer
Robison Oil

Charles Uglietto
Cubby Oil Co

Joe Wills
SMO Energy.