Prior to each test administration, proctors must understand and agree to fulfill the duties described. As a proctor, you must serve by conducting ethical and fair test administration. Specifically, the responsibilities of the proctor include the following:

  • Maintain Security – unused books remain closed, materials are always in the test administrator’s possession, materials are never to be left alone
  • Ensure Room Conditions are Appropriate
  • Make Sure Materials are Appropriately Distributed
  • Monitor Students – DO NOT explain or assist with any test items in any way
  • Ensure Accommodations are Provided Appropriately – discuss procedures with test administrator  before testing
  • Report ALL Testing Irregularities –report to NORA any regularities you observe
  • Maintain Student Confidentiality – any information gained as a result of serving as a proctor in  this capacity is considered confidential
  • Return completed examinations and logs within 72 hours of completion of test.