NORA ads 4 new online video courses

The National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) has added four new online video courses to its online training center at Each course offers two continuing education units (CEU credits) that can be applied to renew or upgrade a NORA’s Oilheat Technician Certification.

Offered in cooperation with four leading manufacturers in the industry, the courses provide expert instruction on the installation and use of the Beckett AquaSmart®, the Carlin Pro-X 70200 Universal Oil Primary Control, the Tigerloop Oil De-aerator® distributed by Westwood Products and Energy Kinetics’ System 2000 and 90+ Resolute Diagnostics and Setup.

Each course requires watching a video or videos on each topic followed by a short quiz. Upon completion of the videos and passing the quiz, the CEU’s are credited to the technician’s account (may take up to 24 hours for the credits to show). These will be applied to the 24 CEUs needed to maintain a NORA Gold or Silver Technician Certification or may be applied to the 20 CEUs needed to upgrade from a Bronze Technician Certification to a Silver.

The video courses also serve as self instruction aids even if no CEUs are required.

“Video courses are a very efficient and popular way to put important training material in front of as many technicians in the field as possible. They are free to the user and require no travel. NORA plans to aggressively add as many online video courses to  as possible.” said NORA’s Director of Education, John Levey.

These four courses join 15 video courses already on the site. These cover topics from equipment service to oil delivery to tank installation. Each offers two CEUs.
In order to access the courses, the technician must have an active user account on and can find a link to the video courses on the home page.