FSA Calculator Revised

The National Oilheat Research Alliance has released the latest update of its popular Fuel Savings Analysis Calculator, a unique tool that accurately predicts the real fuel savings when upgrading an oilfired heating appliance. A technician or sales person can use the FSA to accurately compare predicted fuel use for an existing appliance against a number of new appliance options. The FSA goes beyond the often unreliable AFUE, as it takes into consideration advanced data from the appliance, building and location to show real savings potential.

The new FSA 2.1 has added  new categories including:  steam boilers dating back to pre-1965, pre 1990 furnaces, the ability to select estimated furnace efficiency ratings and a more robust comparison report.

John Huber, NORA’s President, stated, “The FSA has always offered the only true way to accuratelypredict fuel savings when upgrading to a new oilfired appliance. Version 2.1 is the next natural step in making FSA more accurate and versatile. With the FSA, homeowners can see the real fuel and money savings benefits to upgrading their furnace or boiler.”
As with the previous versions, FSA 2.1 is cloud based and accessible on any internet enabled device with an enhanced mobile friendly interface making it particularly useful in the field. It has a database of location and temperature data, two modes (Simple and Advanced appropriate for the skill level of the user), multiple upgrade options to show consumers a number of equipment presets for ease of use.  Access the FSA 2.1 here