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New podcast series looks at how the liquid fuel heating industry lowers carbon emissions from homes along with an emphasis
on heating system efficiencies and technical education.

In this episode of In the Loop, we hear from three industry leaders at the 2023 Eastern Energy Expo about  the transition to low carbon liquid heating fuels. 

Up first,  we chat with Rick Bologna, VP of Westmore Fuel, to understand why dealers need to add biofuels to their product lineup now, as fuel and equipment advancements are making the transition to higher blend fuels more attainable. 

Next,  we talk with Cate Duffey, President of DE Duffey & Sons, and hear her perspective on incorporating higher blend fuels into a 125-year old company.

Finally, we speak to Dave Westerfield with Jennings Oil to learn how his company has progressed by including higher blends in their business operations. 

In the Loop takes a deeper look at research initiatives, equipment considerations, renewable fuels, carbon reduction and technical education, propelling us towards a low-carbon future. For more information, vis

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